Fen Reyes

Founder | Chief Executive Officer | Uncle Sharkii

Fen Reyes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Uncle Sharkii®, hails from China. Growing up, she had a front row seat to rapid economic growth and commerce as China opened its borders. Fen’s family has never been a stranger to business. Throughout the decades, the family owned several businesses that spanned various industries, including a furniture factory, a cable line factory, and a family restaurant. Fen often found herself helping her father with the current business of the time. These immersive, hands-on experiences would be the foundation of Fen’s keen business sense.

As she grew, Fen continued to dive into her studies, choosing to learn English. The more she learned, the more of a robust curiosity for world exploration was sparked inside of her, eventually driving her to study abroad in the U.S. and learn a new culture. The future-CEO was eager to take a hold of the American Dream. Graduating from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Fen swiftly worked her way through the Financial Industry. She also worked as a Marketing Supervisor and later as a Marketing Director at a large National Financial firm.