The Emergence of Poke Bowl


About Us

Because of its health benefits and savory flavors, poke bowls have become one of the most popular food concepts in the U.S. over the last five years. This has ensued in over 700 restaurants flooding the scene to serve the highly-coveted Hawaiian dish. Many of them try to break the mold by offering a library of proteins, toppings, and sauces that never originated in Hawaii and derive from the essence of poke. This includes chicken, cilantro, beets, cheddar cheese, spicy mayo, and barbeque sauce.

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar rises above the competition by combining the simplicity of original poke bowls with the customizability of today’s modern concepts. By staying true to the roots of original Hawaiian recipes, we can focus on answering the most important question all poke bowl enthusiasts ask: “How much fish is in my bowl?” By using fewer ingredients than our competitors, we ensure that each Uncle Sharkii poke bowl is jam-packed with your favorite protein! Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar strives to make each bite authentically Hawaiian!

Our History

Much like our recipes, the conception of Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar begins with a subtle fusion of cultures followed by a profound product! Our story begins with Raymond and Fenny. Raymond is a laid-back, native Hawaiian who is nothing short of cool and composed. He met Fenny, a tenacious, quirky, and trendy girl from Hunan, China. Despite being born oceans apart, fate led Raymond and Fenny to co-own a small ice cream shop in 2017.

After a year, Fenny surpassed expectations when she introduced a menu item that reflected her husband’s heritage, the poke bowl. The refrigeration of an ice cream shop made it easy to implement poke to their menu. In just a few weeks, demand for their unique poke bowls were becoming out of hand! After their success with poke, they needed a face behind the fish. In 2018, Raymond, Fenny, and their daughter, Melody, flew to China so that she could meet Fenny’s family. When Melody met her uncle for the first time, he gifted her with a plush shark toy while they ate Asian snack foods together.

This intimate scene of family bonding over food lit a bulb in Fenny’s head - she should frame her business around this memory. Uncle Sharkii is the bond between a girl named Melody and her uncle sharing the love of food, family, and of course, the gift of a plush shark!


The Original Uncle Sharkii

The original Sharkii, a toy shark that was gifted to little Melody by the uncle in China she never met. Hence because of this bond between Melody and her uncle the name Uncle Sharkii came to be.