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THE SHARKII WAY is the way to owning your very own UNCLE SHARKII FRANCHISE!


Uncle Sharkii is all about Ohana! It means family and we want you to be part of our Ohana. To better understand the Sharkii path to purchase a franchise we have broken down the process into easy steps. Uncle Sharkii understands that in order to succeed our potential partners need to be able to succeed. Check out our steps to ownership and reach out to our team to get the good times rolling!


Step 1

The 1st Call & Franchise Brochure

After you had completed the online application or info request, you will receive a detailed Franchise Brochure. This will help give you some additional information about the Uncle Sharkii Franchise Opportunity. You will also receive a call from our team members to answer any questions you may have or discuss the evaluation process to you.

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Step 2

TEll Us More

You will complete a short application to give us more general information about your experiences, your background and your financial qualifications. Our team members will review your application with you and obtain a pre-approval to set you on the next steps of the franchising process.

Image of Uncle Sharkee Franchise location in Salt Lake City

Step 3

Learn More on the Opportunity

You will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), this document contains a lot of information about Uncle Sharkii, our concept, and the agreements you will sign to become a franchisee and a part of our Ohana. We want you to make an informed decision, so we provide as much information. The idea here is to help you learn what to expect as a franchisee and true partner of the Uncle Sharkii team. During this discovery phase you will have several calls with our team members to continue to evaluate your suitability as a franchisee. But, at the same time we want to find out if you will be a good fit for our team of franchisee partners. In addition, we can help connect you with other Uncle Sharkii Franchisee partners to get awesome feedback about their experiences as a part of the Uncle Sharkii lifestyle.

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Uncle Sharkii counter in Salt Lake city

Step 4

Finish the Application

Uncle Sharkii will ask you for some additional documentation to complete your formal application process and formalize your approval package. This includes financial statements, a background check, and maybe a short interview that will cover your business plan for opening a successful grand opening and start to your new life as a franchisee partner.

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Step 5

Meet the Uncle Sharkii Team

The final step before making the plunge into the Sharkii infested waters is to come and swim out and meet us in person! You will spend some time at the Uncle Sharkii Corporate in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will get a chance to meet the Executive Team. You will also have a chance to meet our Support Team members from real estate, construction, and marketing when you finalize your agreement as a franchisee partner.

Front counter of Uncle Sharkii location in Salt Lake City

Step 6

Franchise Agreement Execute

Uncle Sharkii will give you final approval immediately after the meeting the team at corporate. We will issue you a Franchise Agreement to sign after legal disclosure waiting periods have expired. This waiting period is 2 weeks after you first received the FDD from our team members. Upon signing and paying the initial franchise fee our team will jump into action helping you from Day 1. Uncle Sharkii will guide you throughout your journey from site selection, construction, training, and grand opening.
* This process typically takes 15 - 45 days *

Frequently Asked Questions