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Target Markets Across the USA & International.

When it comes to food, people everywhere are prioritizing health and friendly service over convenience. Poke bowls align with the needs of these consumers, making it the fastest growing concept in the fast casual industry. Rising demand for more poke locations has forced Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® to expand via franchise opportunities! We’ve combined our (4) Concept Offerings with a comprehensive training program to place our franchisees in a position to create long-term success. If you’re an entrepreneur with a passion for food and a desire to be your own boss, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® invites you to join our Uncle Sharkii family!




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Take a Bite out of Opportunity

People across the U.S. are raving about poke bowls! Since 2018, there has been a 355% increase in the amount of Google searches for poke bowls. Millennials are ushering in a movement towards dining out that supports healthier alternatives and organic ingredients. Poke bowl restaurants check off all of their requirements while satisfying their taste buds. Industry statistics show that raw seafood restaurants will rake in a national combined revenue of $22 billion from approximately 18,650 restaurants. With an annual growth rate of 4.8% from since 2014, all signs indicate that poke bowl concepts will become a dominant leader in the fast casual concept.


Food. Family. Simplicity.

Uncle Sharkii values tradition. We honor our heritage by combining our Signature Hawaiian Poke Bowl recipes with a variety of Boba Milk Teas – a staple beverage from Southeast Asia, and package it in family-friendly environment. Competing poke brands stuff their menu with an overload of toppings, causing confusion and delay for customers. Uncle Sharkii is committed to answering the customer’s biggest question: “How much fish is in my bowl?” We provide hefty servings of protein and offer a simple, robust menu that draws from the roots of the original recipes of poke bowl. With our model, customers don’t have to sacrifice convenience for the appetizing and nutritious meals Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® is known for!


68 Hours of Training + 3 Days at Franchisee's Location

Every entrepreneur faces a difficult question when opening their first business. Do I start from scratch, or do I invest to open a proven concept? An alarming 75% of independently-owned concept are out of business after 5 years. On the other hand, investing in a franchise with a replicable business model ensues an eye-opening 92% chance of staying in business five years out! With straightforward recipes, every aspect of the Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® franchise is designed to be efficient, profitable, and consistent for franchisees.



Download Our Franchisee Prospect Guide Today!

The tides of the poke bowl concept is rising and flooding the fast-casual food industry with demands for more locations. With a growing social awareness over the benefits of eating organic and healthy foods, investing to launch an Uncle Sharkii location is a wise idea for food-savvy investors who seek quick returns on an investment with low start-up costs. If you’re interested in making a splash in your community with vibrant poke bowls, call Uncle Sharkii today and get started on launching your very own Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar®



Currently seeking franchisees in available & target markets across the USA & International.

Launching a business is a monumental process. Opening an established franchise is exponentially easier. Our team at Uncle Sharkii is more than happy to answer any questions and walk you through the franchise process!

Uncle Sharkii Awarded Franchise
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Available Markets

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