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Erin Pieker

Assistant Director of Operations | Corporate Trainer | Uncle Sharkii

Erin Pieker first stepped foot into leadership in her teens years when she took part in an officer position within a national student-led organization, Key Club. It was there that her key oversight and delegation skills were developed, including volunteer coordination and scheduling. Other skills honed during this time were network building, community engagement, and hands-on management as she worked side-by-side with her team for over 100 hours worth of community service.

Next in Erin’s journey would be a new experience in both the F & B and Hospitality industries at Clarion Hotel. It was here that she gained valuable knowledge of the inner workings of streamlined operational practices and on-the-job training. Erin wore many hats including waiting tables, bussing, hosting, running food, and serving as the cashier all within a fast-paced, high energy environment.

Today, Erin serves as an integral part of the Uncle Sharkii Corporate Leadership Team. Her passion for poke and the synergistic team environment serves as the basis for her enthusiastic approach towards her duties. Specifically, Erin trains new franchisees on the proven Uncle Sharkii procedures, branding guidelines, and more while ensuring they are set up for success before and during their franchise launch. According to Erin, one of her favorite parts of her job is seeing first time Uncle Sharkii visitors give their positive reactions after their first bite!

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