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Raymond Reyes

Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer | Uncle Sharkii

As Chief Operating Officer at Uncle Sharkii, Raymond Reyes is responsible for the global operations of the company. Raymond brings more than 12 years of International – Trade, Customs, and Federal Law Enforcement experience to Uncle Sharkii. Over his extensive career he has affected much governmental oversight and poise. Working alongside various stakeholders and counterparts on a Federal, State, and Local levels. Raymond has been able to bring his experience and knowledge on how to effectively handle the stressors of dealing with these various moving parts.

Under his wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership in the global marketplace. Raymond has been able to effectively develop and deliver a business plan set on expanding its network and reach past the borders of the U.S and out to the rest of the world.

Knowing the country and its people are half the battle when it comes to expansion overseas. However, the other half is knowing the customs and culture of the people you will partner with. Due in part to Raymond and his expertise in the global marketplace has given Uncle Sharkii the ability to negotiate and make deals for expansion in various locales around the globe. Uncle Sharkii is poised to develop in various target markets from: Asia, Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Europe, and The Americas, due in part to the amazing network driven system that Raymond has built.

Developed in tandem with a system focused on providing outstanding customer service and driving profitable revenue growth in every sector. To lowering overhead costs, investment costs, and increasing profits through a well-developed training and onboarding initiation for franchisees.

Raymond has become a visionary and extremely valuable asset that has contributed to the explosive growth of Uncle Sharkii during unsettling times.

From 2007 to 2020, Raymond served as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for a U.S Government Agency. He was responsible for enforcing both Federal & State statutes, while facilitating lawful International Trade, Customs and Travel.

Raymond currently serves as the Co-Founder & COO of:

  • Uncle Sharkii LLC – Delaware Series Limited Liability Company.
  • Uncle Sharkii Company Owned Series – affiliated subsidiary of Uncle Sharkii LLC.
  • Uncle Sharkii Franchising LLC – California Limited Liability Company.
  • Uncle Sharkii IP LLC – California Limited Liability Company.
  • USPB Holdings LLC – California Limited Liability Company.
  • Sexy Panda LLC – California Limited Liability Company.

Born and raised in the islands of Hawaii. Raymond, living the island life meant plenty of sun, beach, and of course, Poke!

Now retired from his Federal Law Enforcement career, Raymond has taken Franchising wholeheartedly and yearns to share his Hawaiian roots with the world through Uncle Sharkii.