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Fen Reyes

Founder | Chief Executive Officer | Uncle Sharkii

Serving as the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Uncle Sharkii, Fen Reyes has been a revolutionary and a trendsetter in the industry. Fen brings more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries. At an early age she immigrated from her native of China to the United States. Fen spent most of her time in San Diego & the San Francisco Bay Area.

Working towards leadership roles, Fen managed and supervised various restaurants and restaurant chains in both Southern California & Northern California. Gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience Fen was able to open and start her own restaurant.

Graduating from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Fen swiftly worked her way through the Financial Industry. She also worked as a Marketing Supervisor and later as a Marketing Director at a large National Financial firm.

Eventually following in her father’s footsteps in business, Fen later founded and started each company she created ever since she began doing business full time.

Fen currently serves as the Founder & CEO of:

  • Uncle Sharkii LLC – Delaware Series Limited Liability Company.
  • Uncle Sharkii Company Owned Series – affiliated subsidiary of Uncle Sharkii LLC.
  • Uncle Sharkii Franchising LLC – California Limited Liability Company.
  • Uncle Sharkii IP LLC – California Limited Liability Company.
  • USPB Holdings LLC – California Limited Liability Company.
  • Sexy Panda LLC – California Limited Liability Company.

Chasing the American Dream is one of the many driving forces that has led UNCLE SHARKII POKE BAR® into a largely lucrative and untouched market that is poised to be one of the most popular healthy fast-food trends of this generation.

Led by Fen, UNCLE SHARKII POKE BAR® is considered a woman-minority owned and driven business. Fen has become a true entrepreneur and leader in her field. With her business & financial savvy leadership skills, UNCLE SHARKII POKE BAR® has been able to make tremendous leaps in growth within its first year in business.

With Fen’s accomplishments both in the Domestic & International Marketplaces has given UNCLE SHARKII POKE BAR® the unique skillset needed to take on the challenges presented. Fen is determined to break the mold and sail into uncharted waters in search of a Sharkii tale.