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Available Opportunities in the Santa Monica Area

If you’re thinking of investing in an Uncle Sharkii franchise in or around the Santa Monica market, well you got a winner! Uncle Sharkii has already identified Santa Monica as an amazing market for bringing our Signature Hawaiian Poke Bowls, Boba Milk Teas, and Tropical Ice Cream..

Why Santa Monica?

First of all, there is not much competition in the area. Uncle Sharkii specializes in crafting our Signature Hawaiian menu while having combined the suitability and scalability of our business in any market. And it’s tough for large mom and pop chains to compete with our prices. Uncle Sharkii is the ultimate value when it comes to healthy fast food. Yes, healthy fast food is the way to go

At the moment, there are no restaurants like ours in the vicinity. A Great Fit for Communities Everywhere. If you’re interested in opening a Uncle Sharkii franchise but don’t live in the Santa Monica area, don’t let your geography prevent you from taking advantage of this exciting and tasty opportunity.

We have these types of opportunities available in many target markets. Uncle Sharkii is seeking key target markets to open a franchise in. And even if one isn’t available near you, we can still help you set up a new franchise opportunity.

Uncle Sharkii franchises work well in suburban and condensed city areas with a varied demographic and dense population. Uncle Sharkii is able to attract a wide range of customers interested in making healthy choices, yet trendy choices in the different up-sell offers. If you’re looking for the opportunity to swim against the current and open a Poke Restaurant, Uncle Sharkii is prepared to help you start your search of a Sharkii Tale!


Contact us today to learn more about the potential for a Uncle Sharkii franchise in your neighborhood, town, or city near you!

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